Second Chance Dogs


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About the film

Dogs who suffer the brutal conditions of puppy mills and animal hoarding often become highly fearful due to the isolation they’ve experienced. This anxiety and inability to adjust to the real world makes of many them unadoptable, putting their lives in grave danger.

“Second Chance Dogs,” which aired on Animal Planet on April 16, tells the story of one facility dedicated to giving these abused and neglected animals another chance. Through innovative techniques, patience, and complete commitment, the staff at the ASPCA Behavioral Rehabilitation Center is moving these animals — once considered hopeless cases — from rescue to rehabilitation, and ultimately into safe and loving homes.

Over the course of six months, we meet several dogs in the program, including Alaskan malamutes and dachshunds, following their progress and outcomes as they learn to be handled by people, walk with a leash, engage in healthy play, and exhibit the kind of social behavior that make dogs so special and beloved.

“Second Chance Dogs” was directed, shot, and edited by Kenn Bell, a freelance filmmaker and animal welfare advocate. In 2011, Kenn developed the critically-acclaimed documentary “Hero Dogs of 9/11,” which aired on Animal Planet in both the U.S. and Canada.